Improve your business onboarding process

75% of businesses drop off during onboarding. Are you losing high value customers? Improve your onboarding using Zaam's solutions
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Increase customer conversion

  • Reduce friction and lag time in business customer approvals
  • Monitor and optimize the onboarding funnel with analytics

Reduce operations and tech costs

  • Streamline operations using automated KYC and KYB checks
  • Reduce engineering costs by using a single API for all checks

Enhance brand loyalty

  • Improve customer approval turnaround
  • Optimize customer journey

White-label interface for data collection

Fully digital and secure solution to gather information and documents while providing your customers with real time feedback on data they input

  • Reduce friction with real time feedback
  • Visibility on onboarding customer funnel
  • Data encrypted and tokenized

Customized checks on individuals and businesses

One stop for all your Know Your Customer ("KYC") and Know Your Business ("KYB") checks

  • Single API for all your compliance checks
  • Automated and real time checks
  • Pick and choose checks that you really need

Case management tool

Write rules in an intuitive interface to control how you onboard customers and flag risky or suspicious customers

  • Provide transparency to various departments
  • Integrate with existing CRM databases
  • Saved audit trail

Built by experts

Hendra Tjahayadi

Parinaz Firozi

Alex Levine

Chief Technology Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Legal and Compliance Expert

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